National SCADA Conference session – “Performance-Based Maintenance Prioritisation: Tools and Processes”

Dr Stephen Beckwith is currently working on secondment to establish improved digital engineering systems, principles and practices. He received his PhD from the University of WA on the subject of short term water demand prediction and optimisation of water supply system operations, while working as a lecturer in electrical engineering.

From 2007-2013, he was the Water Corporation of Western Australia’s Operations Technology Manager. During this time he oversaw all aspects of the corporation’s SCADA and operational technology systems, and encouraged the maximum use of these assets.

Equipped with over 20 years’ experience in the design, provision and operation of SCADA and automation systems in the water, satellite, mining and gas industries, Stephen has also worked as a software engineer and project manager for Motorola, and a control systems engineer working for Inmarsat PLC in the space satellite industry.